We are able to meet the various needs of our customers with our uptodate machinery, high quality products and reliable delivery.

Steel Sheet Products

Air Condition & Automation Industry

We are able to produce onepiece steel sheet products up to four meters long.

Database based production of parts makes sure that the series are repeatable and the quality and uniformity stay high for the end product.

Construction Industry

We manufacture different kind of wire – and steel sheet products for construction industry. Maarla also offers many variations of finishing possibilities for their quality products.


Wire Products

Industrial Wire Products

We manufacture various kinds of fastening products for construction, electronics and other industries with our 2D and 3D production machinery.


Powder Coating

Pieces up to 2500 x 2100 x 6000 mm.


Hot dip galvanizing and drum galvanizing.


Passivation and chrome plating methods.


2D- & 3D-planning

We do professional 2D and 3D -planning and modeling to ensure high quality products for your needs.