Maarla - Tuotanto


Our skilled staff and modern CNC-machinery together with 3D-planning create the base for manufacturing high quality products delivered in a quick and reliable manner. The sheet machinery makes it possible to manufacture onepiece products up to four meters long. Robot edging with an automatic sheet feeding makes it possible to repeat even long series. Material thickness: 0,2-6mm.

The wire bending machines are able to bend both 2D and 3D -shapes of 1,5-12mm wire. CNC 3D -machine may process 2,7-8mm wire.

Presses, welding machinery as well as an automatic twoarm handling and welding robot are in daily use in our company.

Cutting pipes, profiles and flat irons is done by an automatic saw.

The 3D/CAD/CAM -system we use is a requirement for taking full advantage of the modern day technology.

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